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By Landon R. Mayer

Each fly-fishing challenge has an answer. This number of recommendation from veteran teacher Landon Mayer is helping you examine your prior errors and find out how to adapt to a variety of fishing conditions.

Unorthodox suggestions for universal fly-fishing problems
Covers every little thing from fly choice and rigging to touchdown fish
Features 250 colour pictures to demonstrate right thoughts

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With so many Mysis shrimp patterns on the market, finding the best one can be problematic. Many lack the movement and color of the natural crustaceans. You need movement from the fly that imitates the natural movement of both live shrimp and dead shrimp. Similar to scuds, shrimp—especially those that are alive—will extend and move horizontally in the water. My Mysis (see page 186) is designed on a 200R hook to mimic the natural’s length in its profile, and the white ostrich herl on the thorax imitates the active legs of the real shrimp.

Simple, classic imitations like the Griffith’s Gnat are the most reliable dry-fly patterns. Once you have selected the right size to match the natural midges on the surface, a common problem is seeing the fly when it is lost in the crowd of natural midge adults. As a child I was always a big fan of the Orange Asher or Bloody Butcher whenever I fished in new spots, as these flies seemed to work everywhere. I never thought my earliest childhood fishing memories would impart knowledge that would lead to great results in adulthood.

See “A Baker’s Dozen” on page 15. When selecting flies I try to determine the natural cycle the insects follow throughout a day. These cycles vary with the seasons. The heavy Trico hatch of summer from Pennsylvania to California is an example of this. Many anglers think this small mayfly is only black with spent wings. That version is the most visible insect on the surface as the day approaches high noon, but the hatch starts with the olive-bodied female earlier in the morning. Knowing this is a huge help when presenting a two-fly rig at the beginning stages of the hatch.

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