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As a mechanism directly supporting reuse it was promoted as a unique and most important feature. The presence or absence of inheritance was used to distinguish between truly object-oriented or just object-based languages [Wegner90]. After all, inheritance turned out to be of less significance. The author rates data centered design, encapsulation, and dynamic binding to be of much more value. 2 on page 41). My view is supported by the fact that S MALLTALK -72 did not even have inheritance [Kay96], though its paragon S IMULA67 did.

This list of booleans is then reduced to a single boolean result by and. The use of zip and and was possible only by using a list to model column positions and using a list of safeness indicators. Many standard functions take and produce lists and, therefore, can be often reused for purposes as above. The list effectively serves as a lingua franca between functions. As a final example for the elegance of functional programming have a look at the definition of the famous quicksort algorithm. quicksort [ ] = [ ] quicksort (x : xs) = quicksort (filter (< x) xs) ++ [x] ++ quicksort (filter (>= x) xs) The idea of the algorithm (to conquer by dividing the problem into the concatenation of two lists and a pivot element) almost springs to the eye of the reader.

Machine lurks below Albeit transformations such as (a+b)+c =⇒ a+(b+c) are possible and valid one should not be surprised if floating point results are affected in case machine arithmetic rounding effects come into place. Also, the illusion of a mathematical world is destroyed when recursion does not terminate and, thus, causes the control stack to overflow. In fact, the problems aligned with uncontrolled user defined recursion (unproved termination, necessity for inductive proofs, unknown time and space complexity, hindrance of automatic optimization) have been a motivation for the so-called Squiggol school to allow a fixed set of recursive com19 The author once wrote a backtracking program to generate a solution for the well-known solitaire game.

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