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4th Int. Congr. , Rome, 3: 116–124. , 1886. The Owens College: Its Foundation and Growth; and its Connection with the Victoria University of Manchester, Cornish, Manchester. , 1936. Recollections and Reflections, G. Bell & Sons Ltd. , 1954. Alumni Cantabrigienses, Part 11, V, 279 and 281, Cambridge University Press. , 1938. The Life and Work of William Cawthorne Unwin, 54–58, and 75, Unwin Memorial Committee, London. , 1984. Old Watchet, Williton and Around, Exmoor Press. , 1844. History Gazetteer and Directory of Suffolk.

There are, I am sorry to say, certain other misprints in the paper which must have increased the inherent difficulties of the subject. Very truly yours, Osborne Reynolds Apparently, no further exchanges between author and editor remain in existence and, since there is no copy of the original manuscript, it is not certain how extensive were the changes actually made. One clear indication of a change in the published version of the paper is that four pages of §5 of the Introduction are placed, entirely without explanation, within square parentheses and end with the date: Feb 18, 1895 (that is, the day before Reynolds sent his response).

This seems unlikely given that she had become settled in Manchester and, as a Victorian woman barely in her mid-twenties, would surely have deferred to the wishes of her husband on all things relating to his professional life. It seems more likely that the decisions were Reynolds’ alone, perhaps feeling frustrated that, after sixteen years in 24 Launder & Jackson post, he still did not have at his disposal what he considered to be adequate laboratory facilities. Indeed, Thompson (1886), (as reported by Allen (1970)) notes that in that year (1884) Reynolds drew the attention of the University’s Council to the urgent need for an engineering laboratory.

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