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The particles i and na in Tok Pisin. Kivung 12:134–144. , ed. 1981a. Syntax and semantics in Papua New Guinea languages. Ukarumpa: Summer Institute of Linguistics. Franklin, Karl J. 1981b. Introduction and rationale. In Franklin (1981a), 9–14. Franklin, Karl J. 1981c. Existential and pro-verbs in Kewa. In Franklin (1981a), 151–172. Multi-talented academic 19 Franklin, Karl J. 1981d. Bilong as a copula in Chinese Pidgin English. In Andrew Gonzalez and David Thomas, eds. Linguistics across continents: Studies in honor of Richard S.

The tests used to determine Aktionsart classes are given in table 2. Table 2: Tests for determining Aktionsart classes Criterion 1 Occurs with progressive 2 Occurs with adverbs like vigorously, actively, etc. 3 Occurs with adverbs like quickly, slowly, etc. ACT’ (orthographically ‘ng’) coalesces with the initial consonant of the root. Bonggi adversative constructions 25 On the one hand, unergative clauses closely correspond to activities in RRG. On the other hand, unaccusative clauses are split between achievements and accomplishments in RRG.

Smith, Edwin William. 1947. The shrine of a people’s soul. New York: Friendship Press. 3 Karl J. Franklin: Multi-talented Academic extraordinaire Robert Litteral 1956-67: Academic Beginnings The academic life of Karl Franklin is characterized by discipline, productivity, multiple interests and leadership, all influenced by his enduring faith—and flavored by his sense of humor. Some of these characteristics would have been recognized in his undergraduate years (1950-54) at The King’s College, a small evangelical college, then near Delaware City in Delaware.

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