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The ley lines thrummed as the Hunt burst out of the barrow. As Kiran released the fire—or it released him—the strength went out of him and he collapsed. Ariane sprinted to him, throwing herself down next to him as the first riders came pounding down the path. ” she hissed in his ear. ” For one gut-wrenching moment she didn't think he did, but then he met her gaze with dazed but lucid eyes and nodded. The Hunt swept into the clearing, beasts and riders of every description ever penned in a fairy tale, and some that had never made it into the stories.

Slow and awkward, Kiran swung one leg over her withers and slid to the ground. His knees buckled, and he landed in a shivering, boneless heap. Changing back to her birth skin was nearly as easy as breathing. By the time Kiran had blinked once, the horse had been replaced with a brown-haired, brown-eyed girl kneeling at his side. Ariane wished she’d worn something a little more attractive than ratty cut-offs and a t-shirt when she left the house earlier, but hey, she hadn’t expected to be human again until morning.

Her eyes drifted back to Kiran, who was watching the professor with calculated interest. Ariane had seen him take few notes today, and his manner was that of someone who wanted to be paying attention, but wasn't. His gaze would flick to his left, then he would wrench himself back to the lecture. With a silent sigh, Ariane followed the line of his glances. Gloria Vess was in her chemistry lab, which at least meant that Gloria wasn't in Kiran's lab either, even if the bronze-haired girl seemed to hold Kiran's attention just as much as Kiran held Ari's.

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