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By R. J. Cava (auth.), Prof. Dr. Yoshichika Bando, Dr. Hisao Yamauchi (eds.)

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Hayakawa, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1990. 3. , Richards, D. , Hinks, D. , Marx, D. , Mitchell, A. , and Jorgensen, J. , Physica C 168627 (1990). 4. , Cava, R. , Krajewski, 1. , Peck, W. F. , and Cox, D. , Phys. Rev. Lett. 68 3777 (1992). 5. Cava, R. , Fleming, R. , Krajewski, 1. , Peck, W. F. , and Rupp, L. W. , Physica C 19965 (1992). , Oxford, UK ABSTRACT Eighty years after the initial discovery a few practical applications which are totally dependent on the phenomenon of superconductivity are now in commercial production.

8c Fig. 1 Professor Kamerlingh-Onnes and the convoluted glass tube into which he drew the filament of ultra-pure, mercury in which he discovered superconductivity in 1991. 9 On the electronic side superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) have been available for 20 years but the market for them is only now beginning to take off. Other commercial applications such as microwave cavities and communication equipment and superconducting computer devices are in their infancy. Seedlings in the power engineering field, 10 which are the applications foreseen at the very beginning, have had to compete with established technology and few have so far become commercially viable.

Many of the newest materials require moderate to high oxygen pressures (25-200 bars), very high hydrostatic pressures (40-60 Kbars), or strain stabilization as thin films to be synthesized. " This was in spite of the fact that the material had a new kind of intermediary layer. Although we were not happy, the referee probably thought he represented the view of part of the high T c community. " was the clear message. 5 Table 1: Chemically or Structurally Unique Copper Oxide Superconductors (to November 1992) and Year Discovered to be Superconducting La2-x Ba x CU04 1986 La2Cu04+x 1988 La2Cu04Fx (Nd,Sr,Ce)z CU04 1988 1988 Nd 2- xCe xCU04 1989 Nd2CU04-xFx 1989 ° "Bi2 Sr2Cu06" 1987 ° 1988 Bi2 Sr2CaCu2 0 8 Bi2 Sr2 Ca2 CU3 10 Bi 2 Sr2 (Ln,Ce)z CU2 010 1988 T1 2 (Ba,Lnh Cu06 1988 ° 1988 T12Ba2CaCU20g La 2 - x Sr xCaCu 2 6 1990 T1 2 Ba 2 Ca2Cu3 Tl2Ba2 Ca3 CU4 0 1990 10 1988 12 1988 Srl_xCu02 1991 Srl_ x Nd x CU02 1991 TlBa2_x Lax CuOs TlBa2 CaCu 2 0 7 1988 Ba2 YCu307 Ba2 YCU40g 1987 TlBa2Ca2Cu309 1988 1988 Ba4Y2Cu70lS 1988 (Tl,Pb) Sr-Cu-variants of T1-Ba compounds 1988 Pb 2 Sr2 Y l-xCaxCU30g 1988 Pb 2 Sr2-x Lax CU2 0 6 (Ba,Srh CUI+x 02+yC0 2 Sr2 (Y ,Sr) Cu I-x (C0 3 )x CU2 0 7 PbBaSr(Y,Ca)Cu3 Ox ~ ~:J 16 1989 1988 ° (Eu,Ce)4 (Eu,Sr)4 Cu 6 19 (Pb,Cu)(Eu,Ce)z (Eu,Sr)zCu2 Og 1989 1990 (Pb,Cu) Sr2 (Y ,Ca)Cu2 0 7 Sr2 Y l_xCaxGaCu207 1991 Sr 2 (Nd,Ce h NbCu 2 0 10 1992 1992 1992 1990 Rate of Discovery of New Cuprate Superconductors "'0 c ~ Q) a.

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