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By Peter S. Alagona

Completely researched and finely crafted, After the Grizzly strains the historical past of endangered species and habitat in California, from the time of the Gold Rush to the current. Peter S. Alagona exhibits how scientists and conservationists got here to view the fates of endangered species as inextricable from ecological stipulations and human actions within the locations the place these species lived.

Focusing at the tales of 4 high-profile endangered species—the California condor, desolate tract tortoise, Delta smelt, and San Joaquin equipment fox—Alagona bargains an soaking up account of the way american citizens constructed a political procedure able to generating and maintaining debates within which imperiled species function proxies for broader conflicts concerning the politics of position. The problem for conservationists within the twenty-first century, this e-book claims, may be to redefine habitat conservation past secure wildlands to construct extra assorted and sustainable landscapes.

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