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By Julie Kenner

Aphrodite’s Girdle is lacking, and the paranormal artifact will take all of Hale’s superpowers to retrieve. the lady who came across the belt—one Tracy Tannin—wasn’t precisely Ms. renowned ahead of wearing it. Now every body desires her, together with a few very nasty undesirable guys.

 But the golden girdle can basically be recovered via sincere potential, so changing into invisible and snatching it easily won’t paintings. Plus, Hale’s activity is to guard mortals. No, there’s little likelihood of evading interplay and each probability of falling in love. each hero has a distinct quest, and the extra time Hale spends conserving her, the clearer it turns into that Tracy’s a goddess worthy devotion, it doesn't matter what she’s wearing.

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It’s not like I need it in Manhattan. ” The corner of her mouth twitched. ” Hale shrugged, giving in. “You know I like him. ” she prompted. His shoulders sagged. “I’m sorry, kid. It’s just that I—” “—have a problem with mortals. ” Hale drummed his fingers on his thigh, irritated. His “problem” wasn’t exactly unreasonable. Mortal-Protector relationships didn’t work. Oh, sure, maybe the odd couple, like Zoë and Taylor, or Hale’s friend Starbuck and his fiancée Jenny, but more often than not, mortals were not to be trusted.

Zoë superpowers included super senses, so Hale didn’t doubt her, though he did wonder what his sister could possibly be hearing considering the viewing room was supposedly soundproofed and cut off from the buzzing computers and clackety-clack of keyboards out in the central processing area. He didn’t have long to wonder. Soon enough Zephron’s image appeared on the dais in front of them, and Hale realized his sister had heard the faint whirring of the hologram projector. They both sat back and waited for the High Elder to inform them of their mission.

Zoë asked. ” Zephron nodded, then turned, fumbling out of the range of the hologram projector. When he came back into view, he was holding a belt. “This is what it looks like,” he said, holding it out for Hale and Zoë to inspect. “My father had this duplicate crafted. ” Hale asked. “The real deal, I mean. ” “A week ago. A mere blip. ” “Taylor can help,” Zoë suggested. “Not necessary,” Hale said. Zoë crossed her arms over her chest. “Watch it, big brother. ” Hale grumbled an assent. If he didn’t agree, he’d never hear the end of it.

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