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A. A. (2003) What are the necessary conditions for origin of life and subsequent planetary life-support systems? J. J. C. Clark, M. Claussen and H. Held (Eds), Dahlem Konferenzien 91. Earth System Analysis for Sustainability. MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts, London UK, pp. 74–90. M. K. (2004) Actualistic paleontology of cyanobacteria. Proceedings of Winogradsky Inst. , Moscow, Nauka Publ. vol. 12, pp. ). M. A. (1982) Metabolism of H2, CO2, O2, CH4 in cyanobacterial communities. ). P. (1989), Facies and evolution of Precambrian carbonate depositional systems: Emergence of the modern platform archetype.

N. Snytnikov molecular clouds. 1 of the protostar in mass. 56 billion years ago in the Milky Way galaxy, evolved into a planet system. The system’s mass is about 10–3 of the Sun’s mass, and the Earth’s mass equals ca. 10–3 of the planet system’s mass. The natural processes on the Earth gave rise to the organic biological life with the mass of about 10–10 of the planet’s mass. 9 billion years. There are trophic chains in the biosphere, part of them being related to geochemical matter cycles on the Earth’s surface.

39(4), 364. A.

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